Our Projects

5 Billion Barrels Bypassed Oil

Bypassed oil is a proven volume existing in a producing field, not in communication with the existing wellbores. Bypassed oil is the lowest risk development opportunity in industry. The University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology, Circular 84-2, documents 5.0 billion barrels of moveable bypassed oil in the producing reservoirs targeted by Thrust Energy. 5.0 billion barrels is five times the size of the U. S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

The bypassed oil has not been produced because of reservoir complexity which geo-scientists refer to as complex heterogeneity, or nearly random distribution of porosity pods in the producing reservoir containing the bypassed oil. Industry cannot "see" the location of these pods which, although highly economic, are below the scale of conventional 3D seismic resolution. Sometimes they occur between producing wells, other times just beyond the "fetch area" of producing wells.

Thrust Energy has rights to a world-wide exclusive license for direct porosity detection and geocellular modeling methodology developed over a 9 year R&D program with New Mexico’s Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories’ computational modeling scientists and engineers to overcome the geophysical imaging barrier, a universal barrier, enabling us to "see" or accurately predict the location, depth, shape, size and volume of the porosity pods containing the bypassed oil.

Our initial target geology is 2,100 square miles of producing fields within the Central Basin Platform (CBP) of the Permian Basin, Texas and New Mexico, with which management has more than 30 years experience in exploration. The CBP is a carbonate platform reef 10,000’ thick with multiple layers of producing porosity zones. Carbonate reservoirs make up about half the world’s producing reservoirs, the largest being the Arabian Platform in Saudi Arabia and surrounding countries, all of whom would benefit from our technology.